Bulletin of KhNAU Series “Crop production, selection and seed production, fruit and vegetable growing”, 2019, №1

Vìsn. HNAU, Ser. Rosl. sel. nasìnn. plodoovočìvn.

ISSN 2413-7642



Page 6-17
N.V. Kravchenko, R.A. Bondus, V.G. Sklyar, A.A. Podhaietskiy, Z.B. Kienko, M.S. Degtyarova The number of tubers in the bush in the interspecific of the potates, their beckcrosses depending on the conditions of growth

Page 18-29
A.M. Polevoy, L.E. Bozhko, E.A. Barsukova Influence of changes of climate on the productivity of pratal and steppe vegetation in the Forest-steppe area of Ukraine

Page 30-40
P.G. Kopytko, R.V. Yakovenko Productivity of apple tree of idared variety under different fertilization in repeatedly cultivated plantations

Page 41-50
M.V. Gorobets Influence of Bischofite on sowing qualities of seeds in spring barley varieties

Page 51-56
N.P. Derevianko Development of root system of flowers under the influence of growth regulators produced on the basic of heterylcarboxylic acids

Page 57-65
V.G. Mikheev, A.V. Molokov Productivity of sunflower hybrides depending on long terms

Page 66-75
O.V. Melnyk, Y.O. Kravtsova The effect of pruning practice and term on a leaf area of apple-trees

Page 75-80
L.V. Salo, O.M. Serbul Influence fractions of the planting materialon the yeild of garlic winter

Page 81-88
A.E. Titova Complex selection of the best collection of chick-peaby method of multi-criterian optimization anh Harrington’s reliable function

Page 89-98
O. V Chigrin, E.A. Fendrikova Sunflower yields depending on the drug Pictor using

Page 99-106
A.A. Rozhkov, Y.U. Voropai The effect of seeding rates and sowing methodson yield and quality seeds of chick pea

Page 107-117
O.M. Bragin, D.V. Chuiko Ways to increase productivity of sunflower lines and other agricultural crops using growth regulators

Page 118-124
L.H. Marinich Fulfilling the responsibilites of the manager of the laboratory for the selection of forage crops

Page 125-132
L.M. Potashova, Yu.M. Potashov The influence of methods of pre-sowing seed treatment and weather condition on the yield of standart bean varieties

Page 133-147
R.V. Kryvoruchenko, V.O. Hoptsii Complex assessment of genotypes of soft winter wheatby features structurally and functional organizations of productivity signs