Bulletin of KhNAU Series “Crop production, selection and seed production, fruit and vegetable growing”, 2019, №2

Vìsn. HNAU, Ser. Rosl. sel. nasìnn. plodoovočìvn.

ISSN 2413-7642



Page 6-14
G.F.Olchovsky, M.A.Bobro, O.F.Chechui The affectivity using of the winter wheat by detailed methoda of the structure harvest

Page 15-24
T.A. Zabarna Dynamics of height formation of meadow clover plants by years of vegetation in the conditions of the right-bank forest-steppe of Ukraine

Page 25-35
O.Y. Lokot, E.P. Tymoshenko, M.M. Selendy Application of micronutrients and insurance herbicides in corn growing technologies

Page 35-44
O.P. Chmel, Yu.O. Krypodereia, I.M. Bondar Sideration as an alternative to organic fertilizers and means to increase agrocenosis productivity

Page 45-55
A.A. Podhaietskyi, L.V. Kruichko, M.O. Hnitetskyi The viability of hybrid potato seeds and material loss during first-year seedlings

Page 56-64
S.V. Masliev, I.I. Yarchuk, V.V. Stepanov, S.V. Shkvar Influence of mineral fertilizers on growth, development and yield of sunflower in conditions of Luhansk region

Page 65-71
L.V. Salo, G.A. Kulyk Effect of micrifertilizers of the Activ Harvest line on the yields of tomatoes

Page 72-86
T.V. Kachanova, T.N. Manushkina Fertilizing modes and moistening levels of common onion winter in conditions Southern of Ukraine

Page 87-98
V.V. Gamayunova, T.O. Kasatkina Formation of spring barley grain yield and its structure depending on the variety and nutrition conditions in the Southern Steppe of Ukraine

Page 99-109
V.V. Gamayunova, I.S. Moskva Influence of nutrition optimization on the main indicators of quality of false flax seeds for cultivation in the south of Ukraine

Page 110-118
G. Yaroviy, E. Filimonova Evaluation of winter garlic varieties by yield depending on the characteristics of the variety and the conditions of the growing season

Page 118-122
G. Yaroviy, I.V. Lebedinsky, R.T. Valkov Cultivation of cucumber hybrids by NUNHEMS in the conditions of the left bank forest-steppe of Ukraine

Page 123-132
V.Y. Budyonnyi, H.M. Bashkatova The potential weed spreading of the soil when winter rye is grown

Page 133-145
O.V. Kuts, O.M. Mogylna, V.V. Mogylniy Economic efficienty and agro-ecological assessment of herbicides usage for the cultivation of white cabbage parent plants

Page 145-151
M.V. Shevchenko, G.O. Kutsegub, R.S. Mozgovoy The influence of foliar fertilizer on the biometric indicators and sunflower yield

Page 152-162
A.A. Rozhkov, L.A. Sviridova, A.N. Sviridov The influence of seed rate on the growth and development of early maturysorg cereal hybrids

Page 163-175
A.A. Sviridov, A.K. Fursova Seed production formation of food sorghum hybrids depending on sowing terms and weather conditions of vegetation

Page 176-197
R.V. Kryvoruchenko, V.O. Hoptsii Character of inheritance of morphophysiological complex trait in F1 soft winter wheat hybrids

Page 198-208
S.I. Popov, O.Yu. Leonov, K.M. Popova, N.M. Muzafarov The adaptability of winter wheat varieties in the conditions of dry autumn of the Eastern Forest-Steppe of Ukraine

Page 208-215
G.I. Sukhova, V.I. Bukhalo Influence of folair feeding of plants on lentil productivity in the conditions of Eastern Forest-steppe of Ukraine

Page 216-224
A.A. Rozhkov, Y.U. Voropai The influence of seeding rates and methods of sowing on the duration of the growing season of chickpea plants